Friday, 26 October 2012

[2nd] Placed

Placement hospitals have been released so we all know where we're going to be spending the next 3 years (and potentially first 'real' jobs).

I'm going to try and refrain from mentioning my placement hospital by name for confidentiality reasons, but let's say it was my second choice. Not that that is really a problem, I think my first choice would have given me better trauma experience, but I'll still get to see plenty of variety with my post.

A bonus is that I'll be able to have a lie in! For half of the academic year I won't need to get up at 5am! Doesn't sound much but I'm sure actually getting home at tea time will make all the difference...

We've started seeing the clincal mentors during the pracitcal sessions so I'm sure I'll get to meet mine soon, hopefully I'll make a good impression and remember everything we've learnt so far!


Today's Shower Song : Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by Pink

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ar$e From My Elbow

Anatomy, 'yeah great!' I thought, a chance to get hands on and learn something new. Something physical that we can feel is the start of this journey to enable us to see through clothes and skin, down to the bones! Yep, I want to be able to look at someone and see their skeleton :-)
The first lesson started with the hand and wrist, I was quite suprised to learn there were quite a few bones in the tiny space. It remains to be seen whether I can retain all of the bone names, joint spaces, names of fractures, ligament attachment points etc,'s no wonder radiographers start seeing skeletons everywhere! Next week - the rest of the arm!
Today's Shower Song : Finally by CeCe Peniston

Thursday, 11 October 2012

I Get The Point

Today I had another of my jabs to ensure I'm fully covered for some of the sticky situations I may find myself in. It's all starting to feel real now, especially now that we've been warned of the risks of needle sticks and such like. Oh well, I guess it's all part of the job and as long as we keep ourselves covered then we'll be fine...


Today's Shower Song : Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House

Monday, 1 October 2012

E=MC Battered Head

Physics, I guess you either love it or hate. Or is that understand it or don't have a clue.

Well, I knew there was going to be quite a bit of physics involved in this course, it kind of goes without saying that Radiography is very science focused. I think I have a sciencey orientated brain, after all, working with computers meant I had to think in 'numbers' a lot.

I'm finding that the physics we're being taught is taxing my brain a bit, yeah I understood all the concepts and theory, but I think remembering the equations is going to be tricky. 

What make's things worse is that my younger, fresher classmates aren't having a problem with any of this, most of them having learnt all of this at school or college just last year. But at least I'm not alone, us 'old ones' are sticking together and battling through it. We'll be fine, I'm sure...


Today's Shower Song : Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams