Friday, 21 September 2012

Week 1. Done.

As the title suggests that is the first week over for me. Yes, my first Friday off, result. Well, kind of, I'm going to a wedding so not the lie in I was hoping for.
OK, a short review of the week - there have been several 'welcome' talks, most of which were irrelevant to me as they focused on keeping safe, looking after your health by monitoring your alcohol intake, what to do if you're homesick and where to go to party. There was also the expected library tour and it seems they haven't changed much since I was 'a lad'.
I've been pretty impressed by the fresh faces of the youthful members of team radiography each morning, or they've learnt of new ways to hide student party hangovers quickly.
We got a taste of what is to come in our first anatomy class, being asked to identify where all the thoracic and abdominal organs are and told in no uncertain terms we will succeed or be off the course before we know it.
The group is slowly starting to mix although there is still a slight division between us 'oldies' and 'the kids' (I must get out of the habit of calling them that). I'm trying my best to make headway here but I still haven't had an invite to a freshers party :-)
Oh yeah, small problem with my commute on my second day. A late bus meant I missed my train which led to an hour and a half wait at the station and me getting to my uniform fitting 45 mins late. I'm just glad it happened in this first week. I've learnt my lesson and now get out of bed at 4.50am for a 9.30am lesson. I'm going to be tired!

Today's shower song: Driftwood by Travis


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    1. Hey, I've just realised my recent blog posts haven't been appearing.
      Everything's going great, I've learnt a lot, and hopefully I'm retaining loads of it too!