Friday, 14 September 2012

My Shoes Get An Airing

This week has seen the last of my climbing for a while, until I'm settled into my new Uni routine at least.

This comes at a bad time for me as I was just starting to get back into my stride following a major route change at Sunderland Wall. I was doing fine until the route change, climbing at about f6, took a couple of weeks off, which is often a bad idea anyway, but when I went back I found I was struggling to climb some f5's! I then discovered there had been some complaints that the routes were too technical, it was at this time that I learnt a different route setter had been used and it appears his idea of font grades were very different to everyone elses.

Rather than complain until they were reset, I saw this as a personal challenge to up my game and keep at these routes to regain my original position. I finally made it this week, climbing two f6a+ routes (which I actually found easier than the f6a climbs). 

Last Climbing Session

Finally cracked an f6a+

What to do now? Hopefully, I'll be back before another reset to try the same climbs again and get back to the same stage. Or maybe they will be reset by someone else and I'll find I can climb f7 or higher! :-)

Today's shower song: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

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