Monday, 17 September 2012

First Day Over

There'll be many blogs out there today with posts very similar to this one - my first day marking the beginning of the next 3 years of my life is over.
How did it go?
As you'd expect there wasn't any work to be done, only a registration session enabling me to collect my ID card - which incidentally, gives you VAT free purchases in the canteen and bar (although sadly, not on booze). I'm already on chatting terms with the bar-lady after having to drink copious amounts of coffee between sessions, I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot more of her too!
I'm still only provisionally registered as apparantly my clinical visit form needs to be verified, considering the Uni received it sometime in March or April, I feel it may have been lost.
And then there was the 'ice breaker' class, (these always make me nervous) an informal introduction to the course, the lecturers and each other. It helped I recognised a few faces from FB immeadiately and the course tutors kept it very informal - 'genitals in a mincer' was a phrase used to great effect during the 2.5hr session.
There seems to be a good mix of age ranges and experience in the group and although it's early days, I think I'll be able to get on with everyone and with an almost 1:4 male/female ratio (better than I was expecting) I'm sure us lads will be able to hold our own :-)
Tomorrow we get measured up for uniforms, so I'm heading home to dig out my best pair of pants!
Today's shower song: Mama Do Hump by Rizzlekicks


  1. Nice to hear you enjoyed the first day. Can't believe this time last year I was in your position. Time sure does fly!

    1. Thanks! This first week has flew by. Amongst all the usual SU and welcome talks I've had to sit through we got a little taste of what's to come.
      Hope you're enjoying the start of your 2nd year and relishing how much you know compared to this time last year.