Friday, 21 September 2012

Week 1. Done.

As the title suggests that is the first week over for me. Yes, my first Friday off, result. Well, kind of, I'm going to a wedding so not the lie in I was hoping for.
OK, a short review of the week - there have been several 'welcome' talks, most of which were irrelevant to me as they focused on keeping safe, looking after your health by monitoring your alcohol intake, what to do if you're homesick and where to go to party. There was also the expected library tour and it seems they haven't changed much since I was 'a lad'.
I've been pretty impressed by the fresh faces of the youthful members of team radiography each morning, or they've learnt of new ways to hide student party hangovers quickly.
We got a taste of what is to come in our first anatomy class, being asked to identify where all the thoracic and abdominal organs are and told in no uncertain terms we will succeed or be off the course before we know it.
The group is slowly starting to mix although there is still a slight division between us 'oldies' and 'the kids' (I must get out of the habit of calling them that). I'm trying my best to make headway here but I still haven't had an invite to a freshers party :-)
Oh yeah, small problem with my commute on my second day. A late bus meant I missed my train which led to an hour and a half wait at the station and me getting to my uniform fitting 45 mins late. I'm just glad it happened in this first week. I've learnt my lesson and now get out of bed at 4.50am for a 9.30am lesson. I'm going to be tired!

Today's shower song: Driftwood by Travis

Monday, 17 September 2012

First Day Over

There'll be many blogs out there today with posts very similar to this one - my first day marking the beginning of the next 3 years of my life is over.
How did it go?
As you'd expect there wasn't any work to be done, only a registration session enabling me to collect my ID card - which incidentally, gives you VAT free purchases in the canteen and bar (although sadly, not on booze). I'm already on chatting terms with the bar-lady after having to drink copious amounts of coffee between sessions, I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot more of her too!
I'm still only provisionally registered as apparantly my clinical visit form needs to be verified, considering the Uni received it sometime in March or April, I feel it may have been lost.
And then there was the 'ice breaker' class, (these always make me nervous) an informal introduction to the course, the lecturers and each other. It helped I recognised a few faces from FB immeadiately and the course tutors kept it very informal - 'genitals in a mincer' was a phrase used to great effect during the 2.5hr session.
There seems to be a good mix of age ranges and experience in the group and although it's early days, I think I'll be able to get on with everyone and with an almost 1:4 male/female ratio (better than I was expecting) I'm sure us lads will be able to hold our own :-)
Tomorrow we get measured up for uniforms, so I'm heading home to dig out my best pair of pants!
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Friday, 14 September 2012

My Shoes Get An Airing

This week has seen the last of my climbing for a while, until I'm settled into my new Uni routine at least.

This comes at a bad time for me as I was just starting to get back into my stride following a major route change at Sunderland Wall. I was doing fine until the route change, climbing at about f6, took a couple of weeks off, which is often a bad idea anyway, but when I went back I found I was struggling to climb some f5's! I then discovered there had been some complaints that the routes were too technical, it was at this time that I learnt a different route setter had been used and it appears his idea of font grades were very different to everyone elses.

Rather than complain until they were reset, I saw this as a personal challenge to up my game and keep at these routes to regain my original position. I finally made it this week, climbing two f6a+ routes (which I actually found easier than the f6a climbs). 

Last Climbing Session

Finally cracked an f6a+

What to do now? Hopefully, I'll be back before another reset to try the same climbs again and get back to the same stage. Or maybe they will be reset by someone else and I'll find I can climb f7 or higher! :-)

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Who's the BOSS?

Today I took another small step forward in the laborious process of filling out the online application for my NHS bursary (BOSS). It has seemed to take ages to get to the point where I've left it, but I couldn't quite finish it for the sake of my sanity. I'm now upto the point where I need to send in evidence from my last 4 years of employment. This obviously isn't easy for someone as disorganised as I am. No matter how much I've looked I can't find my most recent P60's. Well, after a long call with HMRC they've agreed to send out statements so that I can forward them to the NHS Busary team.

I also have to provide details of my Fiancee's income (as the grant is means tested). She's a fully qualified Radiographer so needless to say our finances are already tight. Despite the fact that we don't have any savings and pretty much live hand to mouth, I'm pretty sure we won't be entitled to much. Don't you just love the government, on the one hand they help by paying tuition fees, but on the other hand everything else is so expensive that it is very difficult to make the commitment to further study when you have the responsibilities of a 'normal life'. I'm sure we'll get through it, as well as saving for a wedding, but there'll be many who don't and fall by the wayside, having to give up on their dreams.

What are your experiences of the busary/grant system - good or bad?

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Monday, 3 September 2012

As Fresh As A Dasiy?

Today has the seen the announcement of the Freshers Week wristband for the Uni of Cumbria. Now this is a new concept to me, during my first time at Uni I seem to remember that all we had to do was grab a flyer as we walked from pub to pub to find out what was going on. It appears that (like everything) Freshers Week has become big business over the last 15years or so.

I don't think I fancy spending £27 for the priviledge of a programme, I think I'll just wait to see what's going on and turn up to whatever I feel like. I'm sure that those who spend the money will find it benefits them for the late night 'activities' that take place, however, as I'm likely to find myself being disgruntled by the train network at about 5pm I just don't think it'll be worth it.


And besides, I'm far too much of a grumpy old fart to be taking part in Freshers Week :-)

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